Sunday, 16 February 2014

I cannot play football!

Stupid me! I love playing football.. nothing can stop me come rain or shine I will be on the pitch apart from injury that is!

Currently I am unable to play football for my team because I am suffering from plantar fasciitis unfortunately I was stupid enough to think I could get away with not wearing insoles in my football boots..(I had no idea that you had to and just put the aches in my feet down to one of those things so I am wishing that I read this by UFL it is a shame that the UFL folded it was much better a less stupid like the NFL with all their dumb ads). Plantar fasciitis it seems after some research online seems to effect quite a large number of athletes not just footballers like myself... and it looks as though all those who are suffering from it all have one thing in common... bad pair of insoles. For me I have since changed the insoles in my football boots so they have arch support in them and shock absorption but before I was wearing well.. nothing in them at all.. just flat plain regular ones which are next to useless if not harmful. Your feet especially in a sport such as football need support if not then you just are asking for trouble because in sport because of all of the running around, sudden stopping and starting their is a lot more your feet must contend with and this can be pretty lethal... all this extra strain is really bad for the plantar fascia like that article from the UFL explains.... At the best of times your arches are under constant strain and need a helping hand... I should have bought some arch supports sooner but I guess I am just that stubborn at least I can warn others! What I have since bought is a pair online that have been helping me recover faster because I am trying to keep as much pressure off my arches as I can so that they can heal(not custom ones because I read somewhere (a trusted source) that custom insoles do practically nothing and you are far better of buying some non custom ones made from silicone gel that mold and adapt to your feet instead for the best possible support and cushioning possible).

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