Sunday, 16 February 2014

I cannot play football!

Stupid me! I love playing football.. nothing can stop me come rain or shine I will be on the pitch apart from injury that is!

Currently I am unable to play football for my team because I am suffering from plantar fasciitis unfortunately I was stupid enough to think I could get away with not wearing insoles in my football boots..(I had no idea that you had to and just put the aches in my feet down to one of those things so I am wishing that I read this by UFL it is a shame that the UFL folded it was much better a less stupid like the NFL with all their dumb ads). Plantar fasciitis it seems after some research online seems to effect quite a large number of athletes not just footballers like myself... and it looks as though all those who are suffering from it all have one thing in common... bad pair of insoles. For me I have since changed the insoles in my football boots so they have arch support in them and shock absorption but before I was wearing well.. nothing in them at all.. just flat plain regular ones which are next to useless if not harmful. Your feet especially in a sport such as football need support if not then you just are asking for trouble because in sport because of all of the running around, sudden stopping and starting their is a lot more your feet must contend with and this can be pretty lethal... all this extra strain is really bad for the plantar fascia like that article from the UFL explains.... At the best of times your arches are under constant strain and need a helping hand... I should have bought some arch supports sooner but I guess I am just that stubborn at least I can warn others! What I have since bought is a pair online that have been helping me recover faster because I am trying to keep as much pressure off my arches as I can so that they can heal(not custom ones because I read somewhere (a trusted source) that custom insoles do practically nothing and you are far better of buying some non custom ones made from silicone gel that mold and adapt to your feet instead for the best possible support and cushioning possible).

Sellouts! the lot of them!

I think that most new music is rubbish.. wups did I just say that out loud.. but its true.. but because the music industry has such a hold on people and what its trendy saying stuff like this is always frowned upon. Music has lots its meaning and purpose and now is just a business their was once a time when musicians would create music solely for their own expression but now people I wont even call them musicians create music to get "famous" they really couldn't care less about what they are actually sining... really they are like performing monkeys egged on by the prospects of other people respect... fame and glory... well these people do not have my respect the bunch of sellouts!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Godaddy auctions and the stupid bidders bidding early...

Are godaddy bidders idiots or what. In some third world countries which I think many of the bidders are from the average IQ is not very smart at all.. I am surprised that these "seo" can afford to bid but that being said these guys probably scam a whole lot of people and have a army of slaves to do seo tasks (spamming) for them for pennies... Well these idiots are really dumb as I said before these morons just bid days before a godaddy auction ends..... why!? You sad freaks you are just putting that auction in the spotlight for other seo's to just place bids on the domain making the price go up and up. you are far more likely to get the domain much cheaper if there is less interest in it by bidding not days before the auction ends in the hope that you will get it for $12 and nobody else wonders why there are bids on that domain and think that there is also value because of this and then a bidding war begins.... bid at the last minute and you will get your domain cheap as many people just bid on what everybody else is bidding on so bidding days early is incredibly STUPID!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seo... lets destroy the monopoly!

I was wondering if i could ever make my own seo company and get other website up there ranking.. soe is a lot of hard work but i am very sure that I can get most small businesses ranking.. it is a bout time that small businesses got a piece of the search engines pie.. it is possible you just have to just fool the search engines into believing your website is just as good than amazon and ebay and is a big brand and labels... It will take a lot of hard work but I am sure that I can skyrocket a small business into the sky and get small businesses seen once again.. It is the search engines aims to make small business vanish from the search results because after all small business are the guys that give search engines ad money.. so it wont be easy. But it is possible... Some seo may think that white listed sites like amazon and ebay (Politicians really must look into how sites like amazon and ebay can rank for anything) cannot be moved... but if you try really hard it is possible to beat these sites..... just requires a monumental effort! But I am willing to work hard for small guys and destroy this monopoly that these evil nerds have set up. Haha.. they better watch out.

Google monopoly... I think so.

I work for a small business and as you can tell by my last post our business is suffering online (and offline) as big companies squeeze the little guy out of business which is kind of morally wrong but hey ho its capitalism deal with it... that seems to be the attitude of many politicians nowadays who are basically paid to stick up for the rich... I live in England and we do not have a single politicians who has been brought up not in the establishment! Search engines optimization is becoming more and more impossible with every given update being released by google... I'm not one to tell a site what they should or shouldnt put on their site.. but google seems to want to tell other what to have on their site.. for example in a recent anti spam video made by some nerd at google they told webmasters not to overdo it with comments on other website whereby a link is placed and you use keyword rich anchor text for that link.. google says they reserve the right to penalize if they feel fit to do so and if they think that the links are being used to someway be manipulative.. but the thing is they are saying this about No follow links which have or should not have any impact on search engines rankings so therefore shouldn't be any of googles business.. more to the point it is the website owners terms that allows or disallows these comments on their site... google seems to want to force even more control and rules onto webmasters even if it doesn't even effect search results.. why ? well on some forums people are saying that comments can if done right and you put your link in a helpful way on relevant sites bring traffic to your site.. google doesn't want this and wants people to only search on google to find new sites. Google is the internet police so it seems..... powerful and in control of websites they dont own by suing scare tactics such as if you dont follow our rules we will penalize your website and you will loose all traffic.. and with this recent video google aims at snuffing out all other traffic sources too!

The drag of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a real drag and dont just take my word for it.. there are plenty moaners on loads of forums everywhere that are complaining just like me of how they just simply cannot get there website to rank high in the search results.... Ahh! The reason why search engine optimization is such a lot of hard work is that it take so much time to develop a site and get good backlinks to it... and by that time the rules of seo have totally changed so you are at square one again.. and even though you put in one colossal amount of effort you are still no closer to getting even a tiny bit of traffic then you were before. The only people to get traffic from seo are the one on page 1.. even page 1 isn't enough you have gotta be number 1 (even number 1 must compete with tons of ads). In my opinion politicians must act... as the internet is a growing place to do businesses and politicians are basically letting some internet giant monopolize the internet which the politicians must stop.. but they wont because the politicians here in England anyway are plutocrats! So you see if you are not a huge company that has tons of links you will not rank in the search engines... and the search engines want this as it means more and more small time businesses need to buy ads to be seen on the web.. do you see what I am getting at? One of my freinds recently who I met at a seo event went to india and saw how many hundreds of workers were slaving a way in seo company's to make just 1 site rank... for peanuts! He also managed to say his little bit on a india newspaper which you can read here: Sheffield seo expert speak out about seo. I agree on most of the things he says if not all!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Shoe lifts something helpful if you want to grow taller

Ever thought it was possible to grow taller... when you aren't supposed to ie when yo naturally stop? Well I sure didn't know that you could.. bu apparently you can thought stretching exercises and other means.. but I aint got the time or patience to do that.. plus what if they dont work.. well I can tell you something that does work.. very well in fact! Height increasing insoles! That is precisely how you can get taller you may think I am mad for suggesting these but they really can help you boost your height rather easily.. and really quickly much faster than actually waiting around for you to grow taller or the effects of stretching exercises kick in.. which maybe months. So if you thinking of getting taller think of getting some shoe lifts honestly you'd be amazed just how super good a pair are. You will not be laughed at too because nobody will even know that you've got a pair of shoe lifts in your shoes because of them being inside your shoes rather than outside.... makes sense as they are insoles so where else would you have them. Orthotics are also added to shoe lifts to make them comfortable to have on. so no more aching feet. if you suffer from aching feet at the end of the day because some shoe lifts have such great orthotics it means that the shoe lifts are far better than wearing other kinds of insoles..... and will do your feet a lot of good! I actually had no clue that you could actually buy shoe lifts and had no clue what they did until a couple weeks ago where I was reading a article over on soupcan which told me a few things about them. (I was actually on soupcan to find out what the best running insoles to buy are but came out finding out how to grow taller.. how odd). So Still a bit confused, I am sorry if I dont explain things great and if my English isn't the best.