Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seo... lets destroy the monopoly!

I was wondering if i could ever make my own seo company and get other website up there ranking.. soe is a lot of hard work but i am very sure that I can get most small businesses ranking.. it is a bout time that small businesses got a piece of the search engines pie.. it is possible you just have to just fool the search engines into believing your website is just as good than amazon and ebay and is a big brand and labels... It will take a lot of hard work but I am sure that I can skyrocket a small business into the sky and get small businesses seen once again.. It is the search engines aims to make small business vanish from the search results because after all small business are the guys that give search engines ad money.. so it wont be easy. But it is possible... Some seo may think that white listed sites like amazon and ebay (Politicians really must look into how sites like amazon and ebay can rank for anything) cannot be moved... but if you try really hard it is possible to beat these sites..... just requires a monumental effort! But I am willing to work hard for small guys and destroy this monopoly that these evil nerds have set up. Haha.. they better watch out.

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