Thursday, 7 November 2013

Music has it lost its soul? I think so..

Big music labels have wrecked the music business (wait music is a business that not right!?). Music should be nothing to do with making money.. that should be the last thing on the mind of th artist making the music. If someone making a song is more concerned about making money rather than the actual meaning of the song then the best you can hope for is that song to be superficial at the very least. Music should be personal to the person writing and making the music.. JAzz music for example is all about the now with improvisation and expression... the very last thing jazz musicians where bothered about in the good old days was recording what they made and selling it. Selling music is a concept that is alien to me I dont get why people sell music... its a bit like selling emotions.... you cant bottle emotions and sell it.. but music labels try.... Don't be part os a superficial music label be apart of one that lets you express yourself not for money but for music! That what I say.. do you agree with me....I hope everyone does.

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