Sunday, 17 November 2013

The drag of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a real drag and dont just take my word for it.. there are plenty moaners on loads of forums everywhere that are complaining just like me of how they just simply cannot get there website to rank high in the search results.... Ahh! The reason why search engine optimization is such a lot of hard work is that it take so much time to develop a site and get good backlinks to it... and by that time the rules of seo have totally changed so you are at square one again.. and even though you put in one colossal amount of effort you are still no closer to getting even a tiny bit of traffic then you were before. The only people to get traffic from seo are the one on page 1.. even page 1 isn't enough you have gotta be number 1 (even number 1 must compete with tons of ads). In my opinion politicians must act... as the internet is a growing place to do businesses and politicians are basically letting some internet giant monopolize the internet which the politicians must stop.. but they wont because the politicians here in England anyway are plutocrats! So you see if you are not a huge company that has tons of links you will not rank in the search engines... and the search engines want this as it means more and more small time businesses need to buy ads to be seen on the web.. do you see what I am getting at? One of my freinds recently who I met at a seo event went to india and saw how many hundreds of workers were slaving a way in seo company's to make just 1 site rank... for peanuts! He also managed to say his little bit on a india newspaper which you can read here: Sheffield seo expert speak out about seo. I agree on most of the things he says if not all!

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