Sunday, 17 November 2013

Google monopoly... I think so.

I work for a small business and as you can tell by my last post our business is suffering online (and offline) as big companies squeeze the little guy out of business which is kind of morally wrong but hey ho its capitalism deal with it... that seems to be the attitude of many politicians nowadays who are basically paid to stick up for the rich... I live in England and we do not have a single politicians who has been brought up not in the establishment! Search engines optimization is becoming more and more impossible with every given update being released by google... I'm not one to tell a site what they should or shouldnt put on their site.. but google seems to want to tell other what to have on their site.. for example in a recent anti spam video made by some nerd at google they told webmasters not to overdo it with comments on other website whereby a link is placed and you use keyword rich anchor text for that link.. google says they reserve the right to penalize if they feel fit to do so and if they think that the links are being used to someway be manipulative.. but the thing is they are saying this about No follow links which have or should not have any impact on search engines rankings so therefore shouldn't be any of googles business.. more to the point it is the website owners terms that allows or disallows these comments on their site... google seems to want to force even more control and rules onto webmasters even if it doesn't even effect search results.. why ? well on some forums people are saying that comments can if done right and you put your link in a helpful way on relevant sites bring traffic to your site.. google doesn't want this and wants people to only search on google to find new sites. Google is the internet police so it seems..... powerful and in control of websites they dont own by suing scare tactics such as if you dont follow our rules we will penalize your website and you will loose all traffic.. and with this recent video google aims at snuffing out all other traffic sources too!

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