Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Godaddy auctions and the stupid bidders bidding early...

Are godaddy bidders idiots or what. In some third world countries which I think many of the bidders are from the average IQ is not very smart at all.. I am surprised that these "seo" can afford to bid but that being said these guys probably scam a whole lot of people and have a army of slaves to do seo tasks (spamming) for them for pennies... Well these idiots are really dumb as I said before these morons just bid days before a godaddy auction ends..... why!? You sad freaks you are just putting that auction in the spotlight for other seo's to just place bids on the domain making the price go up and up. you are far more likely to get the domain much cheaper if there is less interest in it by bidding not days before the auction ends in the hope that you will get it for $12 and nobody else wonders why there are bids on that domain and think that there is also value because of this and then a bidding war begins.... bid at the last minute and you will get your domain cheap as many people just bid on what everybody else is bidding on so bidding days early is incredibly STUPID!

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